How Quality Scores are Calculated

An area where SpeedPPC excels is in the creation of highly relevant PPC campaigns where there is an extremely strong chain of relevancy running from keyword to ad copy and if you use our DKI code (or WordPress plug-in) or if you have a well designed landing page and website, that chain of relevancy continues extends to them. What’s so … Read More

Keyword Research Spotlight:URL Comparison Report

One of the new features of Cloud Edition that got us the most excited was the inclusion of a set of powerful keyword research tools that turned SpeedPPC into not “just” a PPC Campaign Builder but a complete PPC Research platform. It’s been said many times before but always bears repeating – Every successful PPC campaign starts with a well … Read More

SpeedPPC Cloud Edition Version 5.3.3 Released!

For all those who use SpeedPPC to build their campaigns – we’ve updated our Advertise output file so that it now matches changes made by Advertise to their bulk import requirements. We’ve tweaked the software so that those who decide to test drive Cloud Edition but for whatever reason decide they only need the Free version are able to … Read More

Bing and Advertise Output Files Updated

Recently we received word from two customers that Bing and Advertise had changed their datafeed import requirements. This morning we upgraded Cloud Edition so that the output generated by Cloud Edition matches the new Bing and Advertise requirements.

SpeedPPC Cloud Edition Version 5.2.14 Released!

We’ve just released the latest updates to SpeedPPC Cloud Edition. This time around we’ve added a Phrase Match Report to our powerful SEM research and “spy” tools found under the Research tab, corrected a misspelled button that one sharp-eyed customer called to our attention, and have added an alert that tells you when an ad goes too long with a token … Read More

How Cyber Monday changes the PPC landscape

UPDATE: For the next 4 days we’ve knocked 55% off all SpeedPPC plans. We’ve never done a sale this big before, so don’t miss it. It may not see the same amount of screaming and pushing as Black Friday, and you definitely won’t be seeing any YouTube clips of any pyjama-clad online shoppers fighting their way to the “buy” button. … Read More

Getting the most out of holiday PPC traffic

It’s hard not to notice that the holiday season is rapidly approaching. Around here, stores have had their Christmas displays up since October, and my letterbox is so full of mailers my regular mail barely fits. The holiday season is bad for busting budgets, but with more traffic, more sales and better conversions, it’s an absolute boon for online businesses … Read More

SpeedPPC Cloud Edition Updates for October 2012

Making SpeedPPC Cloud Edition the ultimate PPC marketing and research tool is not just advertising hyperbole but a philosophy that we believe in and live by. Since launch many many upgrades have been made to Cloud Edition. Some minor, some major, but all implemented with an eye toward improving the SpeedPPC experience. In more than a few cases these changes … Read More

SpeedPPC (Cloud Edition) – What’s changed?

After more than 12 months of redevelopment, SpeedPPC (Cloud Edition) launched on the 2nd of July. There was cake, and joy, and bleary eyes shedding a single poetic tear. But mostly there was excitement. This is essentially SpeedPPC: The Next Generation. We had to strip SpeedPPC back to the foundations and build it all over again to add in the … Read More

Announcing SpeedPPC (Cloud Edition) – Coming July 2nd

The light poured out of the doorway at the end of the darkened hall, illuminating the dust bunnies and tumbleweeds lined up along the corridor. From inside the room came noises of pain and triumph, muffled skirmishes, the tapping of keys, and finally one long “YEESSSSSSSSSS!” A curious figure suddenly appeared in the doorway, casting a shadow over the dust … Read More