14 Times (Plus One) In Business You Should A/B Test

So you built a killer PPC campaign (using SpeedPPC of course) and you've uploaded to your PPC account and you've gone live. You're seeing great results in terms of clicks and click through rate and quality scores and click cost and ad positions...but then you look at your user engagement metrics and.... Your bounce rate is through the roof. Your conversions are non-existent. People are using your search terms and are finding a perfect match with your ad copy so

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Google AdWords: First Position Bid Estimate: A Definition

Less than a couple/few weeks ago (as of this writing) Google stopped showing ads in the right hand column of the SERP page. PPC ads are now shown in positions 1-3 and sometimes 4 at the top of the page above the organics with another 3 or so ads at the bottom of the page (where imo they are never seen nor clicked on). The right hand column now contains shopping ads and/or a graphic box. Along with this change

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10 Free Marketing eBooks

Looking for something to read over the holidays (or anytime)? Our friends over at Unbounce are offering "10 Free Marketing Ebooks That Will Make You a Better Marketer in 2016" - sounds good to us! https://unbounce.com/content-marketing/top-10-free-marketing-ebooks-of-2015/

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Twitter Now on Google

Announced May 19th on the Official Google Blog (a must-stop spot for anyone interested in anything Google) Google will be bringing Tweets to Google Search on mobile devices. "So now when you’re searching on the Google app or any browser on your phone or tablet, you can find real-time content from Twitter right in the search results. Whether you’re interested in the latest from Taylor Swift, news about the #MadMenFinale, or updates on the NBA playoffs, you’ll have access to

SpeedPPC Cloud Edition Upgrades

It's been awhile since we announced any upgrades to our Cloud Edition software but that doesn't mean the upgrade fairies have not been busy behind the scenes! All of the below upgrades should appear automatically next time you open SpeedPPC Cloud Edition. Added Broad match modifier for MSNAdCenter Saving Negative Keywords Type Value for MSNAdCenter Saving Negative Keywords Match Type Value for MSNAdCenter Fixed File renaming issue Added custom keydown event handler for texbox Added event after filename change(Create AWS

Quality Scores: What’s It All Mean Part II

We often write about the importance of forging a strong "chain of relevancy" between your keywords, your ad copy and your landing page(s) and how SpeedPPC helps you do just that. When the links between these basic PPC components are strong - you tend to see higher quality scores which in turn lead to lower click costs, higher ad position and better quality (ie more ready to engage with your website) traffic. As Google states: "People are happier with their

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The Future of AdWords…Addendum

The other day Jerry Dischler, Vice President of Product Management, AdWords held an online conference in which he made a number of announcements regarding the future of AdWords. I'm actually happy to say that nothing he said was particularly Earth-shaking - happy because some of us are still dealing to a degree from the fall-out from the move from Adwords' "Legacy" platform to "Enhanced". I'm not as unhappy with having to target mobile as I originally was but I can

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Mac Users: Install Local Update

We recently encountered some issues with the Install Locally function on Macs due to some tightened security controls on the most recent update of Safari. To be able to install SpeedPPC locally on your Mac you will need to first do the following: Safari --> Preferences... --> Security --> Manage Website Settings... and search for Silverlight on the list. Select the "Run in Unsafe Mode" either for just your site or all sites. This only applies to the Safari browser.

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The URL Template – What’s that all about anyway?

As simple as SpeedPPC is there's one aspect of the campaign building process that often causes a bit of confusion. It even confused us the first time we used it. And that is the URL Template. The URL Template is where you put your landing page URL and if you are sending traffic to a dynamic landing page (DLP), this is the URL that passes your keyword tokens (seed, expansion and/or final) to that page. The URL template is also

Alternatives to AdWords and Bing Ads

The majority of SpeedPPC customers use our software to build campaigns targeted at Google's AdWords or Bing Ads PPC (which also includes Yahoo) networks. As we all know Google is the elephant in the room with, depending of course on where you gleam your data, approximately 66.7% of the search market. Bing Ads has about 17.4% of the market while Yahoo has about 12%. These numbers do fluctuate month over month, but basically the combined search market share of these

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