Best Practices: Testing and Optimizing

At the very least you should be checking in on your account(s) once a week to review data, to see how those changes made last have fared, to see how different versions of ad copy have performed and just to get a basic feel for the current lay of the land. In a perfect world you would check in much more often - for example on Monday you could add new keywords (or variations of existing keywords that are performing

Best Practices: Broad Match Keywords

Conventional wisdom tells us that broad match keywords should be avoided like the plague or Donald Trump's comb-over. This is a truism we follow ourselves. But is it necessarily always a best practice? As most search marketers know on broad match search engines include plurals, misspellings and other close variants which can cause your ads to appear for search queries that are not even remotely relevant. This can drive up impressions without increasing clicks which can drive down your overall

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Why You Should Build a Branded Search Campaign

A branded search campaign is a campaign wherein you bid on brand name keywords. If your company is named "XYZ Cat Toys" then you would bid on "XYZ Cat Toys" keywords. Many times the push back on branded campaigns is that the brand name may be showing up quite high in the organics and so the client figures, why bother paying for something I am getting for free? This is especially hard to argue against if we are talking about

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How Page Engagement Metrics Influence Quality Score

We've gone over the many factors involved in how Google determines your quality score. One of these is the landing page experience. This does not just mean how well your landing page meets the expectations of your a searcher and how well it continues the chain of relevancy begun by your keyword and PPC ad copy, but also how well your page engages your PPC traffic. Key metrics that determine how well your landing page is engaging traffic are bounce

Bing Ads Anticipates 10 To 15 Percent More Search Volume By September

With the release of Windows 10 Bing Ads is anticipating 10% to 15% increases in search volume By September. One reason for this is that Bing believes there will be more volume from new and current users "because Windows 10 makes search a much more integral aspect of the user experience" so that "performing regular searches will feel more intuitive". Another is the inclusion of MSN's new Microsoft Edge browser. “When users launch the new Microsoft Edge browser, they will

Four Ways to Increase CTR

1. Use SpeedPPC. With our token insertion option you can - with a single click of a button - insert your keyword(s) into your ad headline instantly crafting ads that tightly reflect the search term. When searchers see their search term in your ad headline, they are far more likely to click on your ad then on another. As a result you'll get more clicks and better Quality Scores (CTR being a big factor in how Google determines the quality

Simple PPC Tweaks to Improve Performance #8: Using the Search Query Report

I often tell the story of taking on a new client who had been running PPC for quite some time. One of the first things I did was review their search query report for the past year and because neither they nor whoever had been managing the account had been reviewing this report the client had lost thousands of dollars in irrelevant clicks. By adding these low and no relevance keywords as negatives we were able to turn the account

Simple PPC Tweaks to Improve Performance #7: Ad Extensions

So you've got keywords with great quality scores, they've got statuses of above average expected clickthrough rate, above average ad relevance and above average landing page experience, and you've got great CTR which is giving you top of page position at very reasonable click costs. How can you make things even better? How about ad extensions. Ad extensions allow your ad to grab additional SERP real estate. With ad extensions you can include information such as a phone number, locations,

Simple PPC Tweaks to Improve Performance #6: Add Image Ads to Display Campaigns

Pretty simple really. Display Network = Image Ads. I know we've said something like this before but its important. Search is active. Display is passive...or maybe interruptive is a better term because what your ad is doing is interrupting someone...or trying to interrupt someone...while they are doing something else. For example, let's say I'm on a website that has something to do with outdoor living and your ad which is advertising something about outdoor living appears. Now that may seem

Simple PPC Tweaks to Improve Performance #5: Separate Your Display & Search Campaigns

Please tell me you are doing this. The Search and Display Networks are two very different things. The Search Network is active or intent-driven. The Display Network is passive or interruptive. What does that mean? With the Search Network you are actively engaging with people who are looking for the service(s) or product(s) you provide. Someone makes a conscious decision to enter a specific search term into Google. If you have said keyword in your keyword inventory, then your ad