Best Practices: Broad Match Keywords

Conventional wisdom tells us that broad match keywords should be avoided like the plague or Donald Trump's comb-over. This is a truism we follow ourselves. But is it necessarily always a best practice? As most search marketers know on broad match search engines include plurals, misspellings and other close variants which can cause your ads to appear for search queries that are not even remotely relevant. This can drive up impressions without increasing clicks which can drive down your overall

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Creating “Laser-Targeted” Ad Groups with SpeedPPC

Recently I was reading an article that listed "common mistakes made with Google AdWords". One of these was putting too many keywords in an ad group. The consensus was that although it would be great to be able to "create a unique landing page and PPC ad for every keyword you target, so that your user’s experience is as laser-targeted as possible" would take forever to build and nobody has that kind of time. Obviously the writer has never used

How Page Engagement Metrics Influence Quality Score

We've gone over the many factors involved in how Google determines your quality score. One of these is the landing page experience. This does not just mean how well your landing page meets the expectations of your a searcher and how well it continues the chain of relevancy begun by your keyword and PPC ad copy, but also how well your page engages your PPC traffic. Key metrics that determine how well your landing page is engaging traffic are bounce

Four Ways to Increase CTR

1. Use SpeedPPC. With our token insertion option you can - with a single click of a button - insert your keyword(s) into your ad headline instantly crafting ads that tightly reflect the search term. When searchers see their search term in your ad headline, they are far more likely to click on your ad then on another. As a result you'll get more clicks and better Quality Scores (CTR being a big factor in how Google determines the quality

Why You Need to Use Ad Extensions

We've written about Google's ad extension options in the past and so by now we have to believe that anyone who manages a Google PPC account is using them. If you are not here are some reasons for doing so. You should enable all extensions that make sense for your business. The reason why is because ad extensions not only make your ads more useful and engaging to users they're also factored into your Ad Rank! The three most important