New Google AdWords Ad Extension: Structured Snippets

We've talked about the importance of using ad extensions a number of times in the past. The two main bulletpoints for their use is that ad extensions are part of the ad rank formula Google uses to determine where your ads appear on the SERP page and ad extensions allow you to grab a larger piece of SERP real estate thus higher visibility and more clicks. Indeed in many cases sitelinks are shown to generate considerably higher CTR than the

How Page Engagement Metrics Influence Quality Score

We've gone over the many factors involved in how Google determines your quality score. One of these is the landing page experience. This does not just mean how well your landing page meets the expectations of your a searcher and how well it continues the chain of relevancy begun by your keyword and PPC ad copy, but also how well your page engages your PPC traffic. Key metrics that determine how well your landing page is engaging traffic are bounce

Bing Ads Anticipates 10 To 15 Percent More Search Volume By September

With the release of Windows 10 Bing Ads is anticipating 10% to 15% increases in search volume By September. One reason for this is that Bing believes there will be more volume from new and current users "because Windows 10 makes search a much more integral aspect of the user experience" so that "performing regular searches will feel more intuitive". Another is the inclusion of MSN's new Microsoft Edge browser. “When users launch the new Microsoft Edge browser, they will

Why You Need to Use Ad Extensions

We've written about Google's ad extension options in the past and so by now we have to believe that anyone who manages a Google PPC account is using them. If you are not here are some reasons for doing so. You should enable all extensions that make sense for your business. The reason why is because ad extensions not only make your ads more useful and engaging to users they're also factored into your Ad Rank! The three most important