14 Times (Plus One) In Business You Should A/B Test

So you built a killer PPC campaign (using SpeedPPC of course) and you’ve uploaded to your PPC account and you’ve gone live. You’re seeing great results in terms of clicks and click through rate and quality scores and click cost and ad positions…but then you look at your user engagement metrics and…. Your bounce rate is through the roof. Your … Read More

Quality Score: The Breakdown

How Google determines Quality Scores has always been a bit of a dark hole – not completely black mind you – but close enough. We can (and have) speculated on the numerous factors and how they are weighted but nothing has ever been definite. Recently however Google made changes to its API that allowed researchers to gain valuable insight into … Read More

Google Removes Right Hand Side Ads – What to Do About It?

Still early days as they (and we) often say, but some data is beginning to emerge which paints an interesting picture of the new Google paid ads landscape. As you now no doubt know, a few short weeks ago Google changed how it displayed paid ads by removing all paid search ads from the right hand column and replacing these … Read More

Google AdWords: First Position Bid Estimate: A Definition

Less than a couple/few weeks ago (as of this writing) Google stopped showing ads in the right hand column of the SERP page. PPC ads are now shown in positions 1-3 and sometimes 4 at the top of the page above the organics with another 3 or so ads at the bottom of the page (where imo they are never … Read More

Google is Removing all Right Hand Side Ads on SERPs

Anyone whose been managing a Google AdWords account for any length of time knows that Google seems to love to change up shake up things – at times it seems just to make sure those of us who manage AdWords accounts are not asleep at the wheel =). Recently Google announced that they will no longer be showing AdWords ads … Read More

Why Use Google’s AdWords?

There are many marketing channels out there….Billboards, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Television, Direct Mail…and of course Social Media and PPC. Did you know that Google AdWords on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis is the cheapest form of advertising there is? CPM for AdWords is $1.44. CPM cost for social media is $2.50….at the other end of the advertising spectrum … Read More

Competing in AdWords PPC

I love to work with smaller companies, moms and pops mostly, start-ups mostly, who are interested in dipping their toes into the PPC pond (ocean?) to see how it might grow their business. They tend to want to start out small and proceed with caution which makes all the sense in the world. HOWEVER…..we now live in a PPC universe … Read More

10 Free Marketing eBooks

Looking for something to read over the holidays (or anytime)? Our friends over at Unbounce are offering “10 Free Marketing Ebooks That Will Make You a Better Marketer in 2016” – sounds good to us! https://unbounce.com/content-marketing/top-10-free-marketing-ebooks-of-2015/

Google Launches Smart Goals

If for whatever reason you are not using AdWords conversion tracking or importing goals from Google Analytics into your AdWords account (or both) then Google’s new Smart Goals options might be right for you. According to the article posted over at Search Engine Land: “Smart Goals are powered by Google Analytics and designed to help businesses that don’t currently have … Read More