With the release of Windows 10 Bing Ads is anticipating 10% to 15% increases in search volume By September.

One reason for this is that Bing believes there will be more volume from new and current users “because Windows 10 makes search a much more integral aspect of the user experience” so that “performing regular searches will feel more intuitive“.

Another is the inclusion of MSN’s new Microsoft Edge browser. “When users launch the new Microsoft Edge browser, they will see the brand new MSN – optimized for search. Only Edge has Cortana built right into the address bar.” Edge is replacing Internet Explorer and allows users to highlight text in the browser and right click for Cortana (MSN’s “chatty, voice-activated digital assistant“) to bring up Bing results in a sidebar.

MSN also believes that because their Cortana app is now on iOS and Android, “Bing will draw in new users, and continue to expand our overall search and mobile search share.” They also expect to see a lift from holiday device gift giving.

As someone who has never cared much for Windows 8.1 (I still miss XP) I have heard good things about 10 but so far have not made the move. I’m also a bit skeptical about MSN’s claims for expanded reach and have to wonder if much of that “expanded reach” will be due to curious users giving 10 and Cortana and Edge a test drive – which could generate a spike in search volume – but then, in the case of Cortana and Edge, going back to whatever they were using before.

Time will tell but for those looking for a reason to get into BingAds PPC – this might be worth thinking about.