Why Use SpeedPPC?

Why SpeedPPC is loved by companies in over 100 countries

SpeedPPC is software that automates your PPC campaign building, allowing you to create highly-targeted ad groups, ads and landing pages in minutes.

  • Create tighter relevancy between search term, ad and landing page
  • Quickly improve your Google Quality Score (thereby lowering your costs)
  • Write better ads that give you higher click-through rates
  • Create more relevant landing pages that improve your conversions

SpeedPPC doesn’t put you in a straight jacket. It is powerful and flexible for even the most complex campaigns.

Earn More – Work Less

You don’t need a big team or loads of time to dramatically scale up your PPC campaigns. All you need is a little cunning automation from SpeedPPC. Create more profitable campaigns in less time.

Improve Quality Score

SpeedPPC helps you automatically build ads and landing pages that give people exactly what they were looking for. The result? Google rewards you with a great quality score, lower ad costs and higher ad positions.

Increase Traffic

PPC is still the fastest, best way to get more targeted traffic to your site. SpeedPPC helps you build high-quality campaigns with great Quality Score, fast. 10 keywords, or 10,000 keywords — It’s just as quick.

Improve Click Through Rates

Create ads that tightly reflect the search term, and you’ll get more clicks and better Quality Score. SpeedPPC uses superior keyword insertion technology to build ads that are natural-looking, as well as relevant.

Increase Conversions

When you give your visitors exactly what they’re looking for, they end up buying more. Thanks, Captain Obvious. SpeedPPC helps you send users to the most relevant landing pages for your campaign, no matter how many keywords.

Target Long Tail Keywords

Stop taking a shotgun approach to long-tail search terms. Take out your sniper rifle and target your long-tail terms with precision. With tighter relevance than your competitors, you’ll clean up every time.

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