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SpeedPPC – Now with Expanded and Call Only Ad Capabilities – WOOT!

A couple/few weeks ago the software development team here at SpeedPPC quietly rolled out the ability to create AdWords expanded ads and call only ads. Expanded ads because standard ads are going the way of the dinosaur very very soon (as soon as October 26th we've heard) and Call-Only because that is a feature long requested by a goodly number of SpeedPPC users. Currently SpeedPPC still has the ability to create standard ads but that will cease to be the

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Google AdWords Expanded Text Ads Live!

Hopefully by now you have noticed that when you go into whatever AdWords PPC account(s) you manage and if you decide to create a new ad....your only option is to create an Expanded ad. I personally have been "playing" with expanded ads for a bit over 2 weeks now or for whatever length of time its been since Google rolled them out. I love expanded ads. I love the extra headline. I love the extra character room. I love the

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AdWords Expanded Ad Format Update

Yesterday I clicked the +Ad button and rather than the "old" ad format I was treated to the new expanded ad format. So apparently Google has rolled out expanded ads. In case you have not as yet had the pleasure the expanded ad builder looks like this: I love the two headlines, the single description and the display url paths. You have more room to get your message across and more space to craft that message.

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The Expanding AdWords Inevitable Part Two

Here's an update regards Google's expansion of AdWords ad format. We should also make note that we are in process of updating our SpeedPPC software to reflect this change. Here's an overview of the upcoming changes: Headlnes Currently AdWords Ads have a single headline limited to 25-characters. Now you will have two 30-character headlines. Descriptions Currently there are two 35-character lines. Now you will have a single 80-character description line. Display URL AdWords will automatically extract the domain from the

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The Expanding AdWords Inevitable…with Apologies to Andy Warhol.

Back in the 60s noted soup can aficionado Andy Warhol presented a multimedia art installation he called "The Exploding Plastic Inevitable". That's really all you need to know about the title of this post but feel free to look "The Exploding Plastic Inevitable" up for more insight into this very odd time in history. Now that we've got that out of the way - the big news of the year is that Google is going to increase its ad text

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The Cart Abandonment Blues

So you've used SpeedPPC to build the best PPC campaign possible. You've got great quality scores, strong CTR and top of page ad position at a reasonable cost per click. Every indication from the PPC side of things points to a well made campaign sending highly relevant traffic to the website you are advertising. Yet leads and/or sales are not happening. Or happening rarely and at a very high cost per lead. Chances are its not your fault. If you

14 Times (Plus One) In Business You Should A/B Test

So you built a killer PPC campaign (using SpeedPPC of course) and you've uploaded to your PPC account and you've gone live. You're seeing great results in terms of clicks and click through rate and quality scores and click cost and ad positions...but then you look at your user engagement metrics and.... Your bounce rate is through the roof. Your conversions are non-existent. People are using your search terms and are finding a perfect match with your ad copy so

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Quality Score: The Breakdown

How Google determines Quality Scores has always been a bit of a dark hole - not completely black mind you - but close enough. We can (and have) speculated on the numerous factors and how they are weighted but nothing has ever been definite. Recently however Google made changes to its API that allowed researchers to gain valuable insight into three key Quality Score factors. These being "expected click-through rate", "ad relevance" and "landing page experience". This new version of

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Google Removes Right Hand Side Ads – What to Do About It?

Still early days as they (and we) often say, but some data is beginning to emerge which paints an interesting picture of the new Google paid ads landscape. As you now no doubt know, a few short weeks ago Google changed how it displayed paid ads by removing all paid search ads from the right hand column and replacing these (sometimes) with shopping ads and graphic/info boxes. Ads now show in the top 3-4 slots above the organics and in

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