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Dynamic Sitelinks: Update

By now anyone who is building and managing PPC campaigns is well aware of ad extensions and how these influence not only your Quality Scores and expand the amount of SERP real estate your ad can occupy, but also how they can generate higher CTR than the ad itself. I personally have often seen instances where an ad was generating a respectable CTR but an individual ad extension was generated 2-3x that CTR! You can use this information to better

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Quality Scores: What Matters

One of SpeedPPC's greatest claims to fame is the ability to create campaigns that forge incredibly strong chains of relevancy between keyword and ad copy through the use of our token insertion functionality. In simpler terms, someone searches using the search query "cat toys for sale". You have an ad group named "cat toys for sale". Within that ad group is the keyword phrase "cat toys for sale". You have an ad with the headline "cat toys for sale" (and

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Rotate your Ads to Optimize for Conversions

Google AdWords offers four ad rotation options: Optimize for clicks: gives preference to ads that are expected to attract more clicks than other ads in the ad group, based on your past clickthrough rates (CTRs). Optimize for conversions: gives preference to ads that are expected to attract more clicks than other ads in the ad group, based on your past clickthrough rates (CTRs). : gives preference to ads that are expected to provide more conversions, like purchases and sign-ups. Rotate evenly: delivers your

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What Makes An Effective PPC Ad?

The fight for SERP space, whether computer, mobile or tablet, is a never ending battle. According to just about every authoritative source out there, if your PPC ad is not appearing in the top 3-4 spaces on Google's SERP, then you are not being seen. Gone are the days when you could still generate some decent clicks occupying ad position 5 or 6 or even 7. This is because your ad was appearing in the right column. Those days are

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SpeedPPC Upgrade Update

Some major upgrades hit SpeedPPC this month. A quick overview below. Convert Standard Ads to Expanded Ads Old saved Standard Ad sets can now be converted to expanded ads. There is a Convert button as shown on the following screenshot:(https://prntscr.com/edvxmq) where you can open in Expanded ad set page. However sets are not automatically saved so don't forget to click the Save button. New ads will be missing the Headline2, Path1 & Path2 because these were not part of the

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New AdWords Insights

Several times a year we sit down with someone over at Google support to go over this or that account we are managing. I use these sessions to "pick the brains" of said support and see what sort of peek I can get behind the AdWords curtains. Most recently we gleamed two interested bits of info that we wanted to share with SpeedPPC users. For most accounts I manage, for conversion tracking such as form submissions or email sign-ups, we

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AdWords Yellow Ad Icon Turns White

Hey - anyone else notice that those eye catching yellow ad icons that appear next to Adwords Ads are now white? And a whole lot less noticeable? I just noticed this the other day and today did a few searches to see if I could find any announcement or other...and it was like crickets. Not saying there's nothing out there, just that I could not find it. My gut is that with this change one may start seeing an upsurge

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The Myth of Free Traffic – PPC Versus SEO

I was reading an article titled "Why PPC and SEO are Game Changers for Your Business" not because I need to know why (after 15+ years "doing" online marketing I already well know Why) but because the opening remark really caught my eye and I have to admit, sort of angered me a bit. Here's the opening: "Both search engine optimization and pay-per-click marketing help businesses boost traffic to their websites. You can either build traffic for free by trying

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SpeedPPC : Now with Expanded and Call Only Ads

This has been true for a bit of time but for those of you new to SpeedPPC (or who have just not been paying attention) SpeedPPC now allows you to create not only expanded ads but Call Only ads as well. Being able to create Call Only ads has been a top request ever since Google launched this campaign type and so we are happy to say - you can now create Call Only campaigns in SpeedPPC. In addition we

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Conversion Tracking, Conversion Tracking, Conversion Tracking.

There's a Grainger commercial I hear quite a bit on the radio where they say something like "everything worth repeating needs to be repeated 3x to make sure it sinks in...." (that is not an exact quote and I'm too lazy this early in the morning to look it up). In their case the message is "Safety, Safety, Safety". In the world of PPC the message worth repeating should be "Conversion Tracking, Conversion Tracking, Conversion Tracking" - especially in the

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