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PPC Tools

When is comes to PPC tools, the list is as long as your arm! Each with their own killer feature that claims to enhance your PPC campaign and sky rocket your performance.   Some PPC tools are free, some classified as freemium where you will need to pay for the more valuable features of the tool. Some some promote themselves as an enterprise service which often comes as at a premium fee.     Of course, every business is

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Negative Keywords…should you use them?

YES! And here's a few reasons why… There are many reason why your keyword strategy should included negative keywords. Negative keywords let advertising platforms, such as Google Ads, know that you wish to filter our specific search terms. It's the filtered terms that are not relevant to the products or services you offer. Say you have an online clothing store that sells motorbike clothing but you have made a business decision to NOT sell motorbike helmets. 'Helmets' in this instance

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Why use Single Keyword Ad Groups?

Single Keyword Ad Groups were what every paid search manager dreamt of but just couldn’t justify the time involved to create them! As the Google AdWords Quality Score became the hottest keyword in search marketing, so did the need to create more targeted groups. These targeted groups of keywords were designed to promote an ad create that was tailored to not only your keywords, but to the landing page you sent your clicks to.   Google increased their focus

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Keyword Research Tools

There are many keyword research tools available in the ever changing and rapidly developing digital marketing world.   But which keyword research tools are right for you? It is a good idea to ensure the tool or tools you use provides you with insight into keyword research and trends. A complete tool will also share competitor keyword analysis and keyword expansion suggestions. These insights need to align with the keywords you are already using to promote your products and services.

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