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The Importance of Being Relevant

Let's face it, in terms of search and CPC/PPC we live in a Google dominated universe. According to the most recent statistics (November 2010) Google holds close to 75% of the search market and 80% of the PPC market. This pretty much puts to shame the combined Yahoo and MSN/Bing market share which is just under 10% and 20% respectively. So although it is probably worth the effort to put some of your proverbial eggs in the MSN/Bing basket –

DKI and Dynamic Landing Pages: Perfect Pages in an Imperfect World – Part Two

The Imperfect World Rears Its Ugly Head Again If you have not already read Part One of this blog then please do so before continuing otherwise I fear much of what is below isn’t going to make a lick of sense. (And for the non-programmer it may be a bit of a tough slog regardless). In our last blog we discussed how you can use Speed PPC to create PPC ads that use dynamically inserted keywords to increase ad copy

DKI and Dynamic Landing Pages: Perfect Pages in an Imperfect World – Part One

Any one who has spent any time in the Adwords universe knows the importance of relevance and quality score. My own personal term for this is the Adwords Triumvirate. So what - you may very well ask - does that mean? Adwords Triumvirate What I mean when I say (or write) Adwords Triumvirate is: The keyword used by the potential customer must be reflected somewhere in your ad copy and your landing page must both reflect your ad copy and

How to catch the Affiliate Okapi

Have you ever heard of the African Unicorn? The existence of this mythical half Zebra, half Giraffe creature was generally denied until recently. For thousands of years people had reported seeing such an animal. However, most had discounted it as folk-lore. In 1901 Sir Harry Johnston took on the task of discovering it for real. He was determined to turn myth into reality. He found it and called it an Okapi. For most people, making decent money in affiliate marketing

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How to get new customers with pay-per-view (PPV) marketing

Imagine if you could hand-pick competitor's sites and then have your landing page/ad open up right in front of the visitors' eyes when they went to any of those web sites. Talking about pipping someone at the finish line! This is just one of the advantages that pay-per-view (PPV) marketing has over pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. In fact, there are a number of reasons why PPV marketing might be your cup of tea: You can target precisely, even to the point

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How people miss it with Quality Score

Last week I was interviewed by Josh Dreller, a columnist for Search Engine Land. In the interview he asked me a bunch of questions about Quality Score, and why we created SpeedPPC in the first place. Upon reading it back, and chatting with a few people it struck me that a lot of people in some ways don't really "get" why quality score is so important. Not only that, they don't understand how it's actually an amazingly positive thing. Put

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Expose hidden profits with Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Today I'm going to show you a very "untraditional" way to do keyword research. In fact, in my web travels, I've not seen anywhere else showing this keyword research method. It's not even that it's especially tricky really, just that it's using many hidden features of Google AdWords' free keyword tool that the average punter doesn't know about. So I'm going to shed some light on these hidden features and more importantly, show you how to get the information you

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How to make WordPress fast

I was chatting with a Google engineer last week at SMX discussing the future direction of search. As he was talking, the penny dropped. Perhaps you've heard recently that Google officially announced that site speed will soon impact ranking. I figured this was a little strange. On the whole, most sites load fairly quickly nowadays and as broadband speeds continue to increase around the world my thoughts were that page load speeds would become less of an issue, not more.

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Customers Speak – Part 1

The SpeedPPC community is made up of people from different walks of life, living in different parts of the world, who do a variety of different things online. Amongst all the differences the commonality is a great love for SpeedPPC. This is because it's changed what was once a boring process called 'normal PPC campaign building' forever! It's great to hear from our end users who work the coal face mining for increased profits using our suite of tools. As

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Customers Speak – Part 2

People often say that PPC is too expensive. Well, for some it's true. Many guzzle through their ad budget like there's no tomorrow with little, if any return. But a little applied knowledge can make a major difference. In part two of this series, Blase Des Marais tells in his own words how he built a SpeedPPC campaign for a client that generated thousands of dollars in sales for less than $40 with Google Adwords. Sounds too good to be

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