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AI Ad Writing – Just Released

Are you having a hard time writing ads? We've all been there! The challenge of creating an ad that stands out and connects with your targeted audience can be daunting. The creation of something that is both creative and persuasive takes some time. Digital marketers can only hope for tools that make this less painful, right? Not to worry - we have you covered! SpeedPPC introduces Write for Me (AI) and Magic Rewriter which can help you overcome writer's

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How Cyber Monday changes the PPC landscape

UPDATE: For the next 4 days we've knocked 55% off all SpeedPPC plans. We've never done a sale this big before, so don't miss it. It may not see the same amount of screaming and pushing as Black Friday, and you definitely won’t be seeing any YouTube clips of any pyjama-clad online shoppers fighting their way to the “buy” button. Black Friday’s genteel younger sibling Cyber Monday should definitely have you re-evaluating your PPC campaigns for the next month. Cyber

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Getting the most out of holiday PPC traffic

It’s hard not to notice that the holiday season is rapidly approaching. Around here, stores have had their Christmas displays up since October, and my letterbox is so full of mailers my regular mail barely fits. The holiday season is bad for busting budgets, but with more traffic, more sales and better conversions, it’s an absolute boon for online businesses … if you’re on your game and ready to capitalize on it. It’s a slightly different ball game out there

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SpeedPPC (Cloud Edition) – What’s changed?

After more than 12 months of redevelopment, SpeedPPC (Cloud Edition) launched on the 2nd of July. There was cake, and joy, and bleary eyes shedding a single poetic tear. But mostly there was excitement. This is essentially SpeedPPC: The Next Generation. We had to strip SpeedPPC back to the foundations and build it all over again to add in the new features and functionality. (Drinks on the Holodeck, anyone?) Here are some of the main differences between old SpeedPPC (V4)

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Announcing SpeedPPC (Cloud Edition) – Coming July 2nd

The light poured out of the doorway at the end of the darkened hall, illuminating the dust bunnies and tumbleweeds lined up along the corridor. From inside the room came noises of pain and triumph, muffled skirmishes, the tapping of keys, and finally one long “YEESSSSSSSSSS!” A curious figure suddenly appeared in the doorway, casting a shadow over the dust bunnies. It charged down the hallway and threw open the front door. Night poured in as the figure fell to

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SpeedPPC And AdWords Editor 9.5.1

Hands down, the largest percentage of PPC campaigns built using SpeedPPC are built for upload to Google's AdWords program. SpeedPPC was designed specifically to integrate seamlessly with Google's AdWords Editor desktop application. Because Google tends to get things right the first time, we seldom receive any tickets at the help desk that involve problems with SpeedPPC campaigns being imported into AdWords Editor. For those of you just starting to get your feet wet in the world of PPC, AdWords Editor

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The Need for Speed – Another Reason You Need SpeedPPC

We get a good number of questions at the help desk about how SpeedPPC works - which is great. We love questions not just because it shows that interest in SpeedPPC continues to remain strong but also because some questions get us to thinking about ways to make SpeedPPC even better. Indeed some of our most powerful and user friendly features have their genesis in a question submitted via the help desk. We also get a fair amount of questions

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How $967 turned into $2M+ and counting

I’ve been meaning to write this little story for a while. The “Lean Startup Challenge” being run by Noah and the guys over at AppSumo gave me incentive to actually do it. In the grand scheme of things, we’re comparatively still a small business. Of course we’re working hard to get a lot bigger. Nonetheless, I hope this serves as encouragement for people who are trying to make things happen who don’t have much to begin with. With any luck

Using URL Tokens In .Net

As all SpeedPPC users know when you build a campaign the URL Template Tab is where you can build unique URLs using the SpeedPPC dynamic token system - if you are creating dynamic landing pages this is how the values will be passed on into your landing page content. This is designed to work with dynamic landing pages written in .PHP. But what if you have dynamic landing pages that are built in .NET? Is it possible to use this .PHP code in that environment? Here's how!

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Using .PHP to Make Google (and Your Users) Happy

It is rumored that Google has started penalizing links that go through affiliate links on the first hop. For example, sites that have Clickbank links have seen their ranking drop. Testing shows that when the links are masked ranking returns. This article details a possible workaround for this problem...but beware!