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Quality Time: Designing a Landing Page Google’s QS Algorithms Will Love

For many creative marketing people, entering your landing page URL into a new ad and submitting it to AdWords can be a nail-biting moment of worry. Will the quality score (QS) decide that your optimized, high-converting sales page isn't up to their standards of quality? If so, will your ad's position suffer, or perhaps fall off the first page altogether? It's no secret why this tension exists between marketers and the search giant. Google only wants meaty, content rich websites that

How to Increase Conversions Through Targeted Landing Pages

When paid search visitors reach your landing page, how confident are they in what they find? If you're sending many different types of searchers to the same catch-all page, chances are you're confusing all of them. While it takes a bit more effort to create different landing pages for each type of searcher,  the payoff is a natural flow of conversation within the searchers head that starts with the keywords he or she types in, to the eventual page their

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Stay Focused: Why Small, Niched Keyword Groups Dominate In Paid Search

How do you organize your keywords in your AdWords campaign? If you are like many marketers new to paid search, you have likely made the mistake of creating keyword groups that are too big for their own good. This is an easy error to commit! Much of the free PPC literature on the web focuses on finding exciting keyword opportunities and wording your headlines just right for web shoppers. While these are definitely important steps in the process, they overlook

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Visitor Value: Understanding Exactly What Your Clicks Are Worth

How do you measure the success of your pay per click campaigns? If you are like a lot of new marketers, you probably compare your total web-generated revenue and with your ad spend on PPC channels. So long as the money generated exceeds the money spent, the campaign appears to be a success, and in one respect it is. But is this really the best way to measure the performance of your search marketing? In fact, there is a more

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