The majority of SpeedPPC customers use our software to build campaigns targeted at Google’s AdWords or Bing Ads PPC (which also includes Yahoo) networks.

As we all know Google is the elephant in the room with, depending of course on where you gleam your data, approximately 66.7% of the search market. Bing Ads has about 17.4% of the market while Yahoo has about 12%. These numbers do fluctuate month over month, but basically the combined search market share of these three companies is about 90%.

So why would any PPC marketer need to go anywhere else?

There are a number of reasons. You may simply want more traffic. Your click costs may have gotten uncomfortably high due to increased competition on AdWords or the growing levels of competition on Bing and so you are looking for a cheaper PPC channel. You may sell a product or offer a service that is, shall we say “frowned” upon by Google and Bing, so you are unable to advertise in those networks. Google may have banned your account.

Regardless of the reasons, there are alternatives and below we have listed those that play nicely with SpeedPPC.

7Search: claims to offer better ROI than Google or Yahoo, lower cost per sale, more responsive support and cheaper keyword bids (no minimum bid). Around since 1999 7Search says they provide advertiser results for over 2 billion searches per month. For more information on 7Search go here: claims to “go beyond the big search engines” with an “exclusive pay per click network”. They offer a mobile solution that allows you to access a network of 1.5 billion impressions per month. They also offer remarketing and display solutions. They claim that their display solution reaches over 60% of the web. Advertise have been in business since 2001. Bids start at 0.5 with a minimum deposit of $250. For more information on Advertise go here:

Ask: both their organic and paid search results are powered by Google. According to Ask: “We work with a small number of trusted partners who handle our sponsored listing and display ad operations, and so we do not directly offer advertising opportunities. Outsourcing these functions allows us to focus fully on what we do best – create an excellent experience for our users when they search for answers online. If you’re interested in sponsored listings on, we partner with Google to use its Adwords network of sponsored listings. Getting signed up with an Adwords account can get your ads on as well. Learn more about Ask here:

eClickz claims a network for 150,000 partner sites, 10 billion+ monthly impressions and low advertiser competition. They require a minimum bid of $500. You can learn more about eClickz here:

Looksmart: Formerly known as a search engine, Looksmart now asks potential advertisers: Are you a performance and CPA marketer? Tired of high cost per clicks from major search engines? Tired of dealing with quality scores? There are lots of traffic sources outside of Google and Yahoo. Are your competitors bidding on your terms on these other sources? Looksmart claims over two billion queries daily. And if you spend more than $10,000 a month Looksmart offers complimentary campaign management. Learn more about Looksmart here:

Marchex: is a mobile advertising technology company. According to Marchex, their business model is built on two words: Advertising Performance. “This means we make sure your ad campaigns deliver what you want most – new customers. With Marchex you don’t pay for clicks or impressions. You only pay for quality phone calls and form fills.” Learn more about Marchex here:

ValidClick: their website offers little info beyond: “make more money from your website or mobile app. Our highly targeted, tightly integrated ads drive revenue for you while maintaining a positive user experience”. If you want more info, you need to contact them here:

Lead Impact/Zango: claims a low cost, high conversion contextual advertising solution via their opt-in network. They further claim Non-stop traffic conversions, Gold standard quality leads. Heart-stopping conversion rates, and Proprietary real-time traffic – you can learn more here:

MediaTraffic: offers 3 ways to buy targeted traffic and drive quality visitors to your website: Highly Targeted, Broad Targeted and RON (run of network). an audience of 15 million opt-in users and growing. Ads shown in a large browser window for greater visibility Superior ROI compared to SEM and banner ads, and Cost effective bidding platform. Get more info here:

AdOn Network Pop Under and AdOn Network Search Listing: the AdOn Network is a premier online Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising company that provides innovative contextual and audience based advertising solutions for advertisers and publishers and delivers high-quality traffic from U.S. and international sources. One thing that stood out here was their TQ Traffic offer: “Want higher TQ traffic? AdOn Network’s comprehensive approach to analyzing traffic quality includes continuous in-house testing, predictive analytics, third party scoring systems such as Adometry and Fraudlogix, and advertiser feedback allows AdOn to produce traffic that consistently scores high on traffic quality.” More info:

Direct CPV Keyword Targeting and Direct CPV URL Targeting: the DirectCPV website reads: the leading online CPV and PPV advertising network delivers the highest converting results and increases ROI for all advertisers. Extend your reach by targeting relevant keywords, URLS, locations and channels to ignite your income and generate higher conversions. They claim economical pricing and dramatically increased ROI. info:

So if the cost of doing PPC with Google and Bing is getting too high for your tastes or if you are simply looking for additional traffic sources, these alternatives may be a good fit for you. And of course you can create your campaigns for these alternatives using SpeedPPC.