AdWords Expanded Ad Format Update

Yesterday I clicked the +Ad button and rather than the “old” ad format I was treated to the new expanded ad format. So apparently Google has rolled out expanded ads.

In case you have not as yet had the pleasure the expanded ad builder looks like this:

AdWords Expanded Ads Builder

I love the two headlines, the single description and the display url paths. You have more room to get your message across and more space to craft that message.

2 Comments on “AdWords Expanded Ad Format Update”

  1. Hi there,

    When will Speed PPC support Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) – these have been out for a while now, yet I’m still not seeing this reflected in the Speed PPC interface (I can only see ‘standard’ under the ads setup section). Am I missing something?

    When are you hoping to have this available?

    Many thanks, and will await your reply.

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