By now some of you may have noticed that AdWords has introduced a new conversion metric called Estimated Total Conversions. This is the first step in Google providing insight into how conversions happen across the new multi-device online universe.

According to Google Estimated Total Conversions provides a holistic view of all of the conversions driven by Google search advertising wherein for example, someone first visited your site on their smartphone, then later on in the day returned to your site via their desktop and made a purchase or downloaded an app or submitted a contact form.

In order to see this new statistic you must have AdWords conversion tracking in place and already have a sufficient volume of conversions on which Google can base a reliable estimate.

One of the best things about this new conversion is that it now allows those of us who were not happy with the merging of mobile into campaigns with desktops/laptops and tablets (rather than the ability to create standalone mobile campaigns) to be able to accurately track just exactly what these mobile clicks are doing for us.

As of this writing Estimated Total Conversions is only available at the campaign and ad group levels. Hopefully keyword level is in the works. It appears to be based on the Many Per Click conversion metric.

Down the road Google also plans to incorporate other conversion types such as phone calls and store visits.