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Helping PPC advertisers perform superhuman feats since 2007

At SpeedPPC, we love creating software to help everyday online marketers perform superhuman feats.

Our products prove you don’t need to be a big business to get big results — you just need the right tools to do the heavy lifting.

Judging by the success of SpeedPPC, it looks like there are a lot of folks out there who agree with us. We now have more than 10,000 customers in over 95 countries.

SpeedPPC was created in 2007 by Jay Stockwell. As one of the pioneers of the SKAG strategy, he was one of the original marketers developing ways to increase the relevancy chain between what people are searching for, the resulting ads shown and the landing pages they end up on.

Jay has been buying PPC traffic since 1999 on platforms like Sprinks and Goto.com (which became Overture, which then became Yahoo! Search Marketing). Once Google Ads (previously Adwords) was released in 2000, he quickly saw how powerful the platform would become.

He has since bought over $25,000,000 of pay-per-click ads through Google Ads alone.

As a result, our software comes from the trenches — built for our own needs first and foremost, with marketability coming second. This means we produce software that is truly useful and truly needed.

This extensive experience and approach help shape the best practices that SpeedPPC follows and ensures that the software enables you to set yourself apart from your competitors.

We’re 100% organic, with no artificial colors, flavors, or venture capital. If we’re growing, it’s because people like our products. We think that’s the way it should be.

What real users are saying...

We don't need to toot our own horn. Others do that for us!

So Impressed and Support Is Amazing

I have been so impressed with SpeedPPC as I’m an absolute beginner. I’ve been able to launch my ads now and can’t wait to see what it does but so far so good. To be able to launch ads in mass when the agency I was using gave me 3-8 ads for $2000/month. . .

500+ Leads/Day in One of the Most Competitive Markets

The volume is up, and could be a ton more if I had the buyers, but the cost per conversion is down $3 on the first day with out optimizing the good and bad converting keywords. May not sound like much, but I am getting 500+ leads/day in one of the most competitive markets in the US.

Best Piece of Software I Ever Bought

I’ve used SpeedPPC nearly everyday and often tell people it’s the best piece of software I ever bought. It’s amazing how easy and fast it makes PPC. I would wholeheartedly recommend SpeedPPC to anyone that is serious about making a real living with PPC.

One Hell of an Amazing Piece of Software

I was blown away by the great features of SpeedPPC. I could crank out campaigns, large or small, in record time. ONE HELL OF AN AMAZING PIECE OF SOFTWARE!

It Addicts You in a Positive Way to Best Practice!

The “warp speed” part in the sales copy sounds a bit outlandish- but to be honest: SpeedPPC really makes you feel it. Mr Stockwell, in doing PPC since 2004 and spending easily 8,000 US on software, this is easily one of THE best buys I made so far.

Best PPC Ad Builder - Smooth UI - Exceptional Support

Best of all it's simple to save your keywords lists, research and even ad copy and campaigns so you can easily pick-up new clients in the same niche but different city.

Bravo - SpeedPPC is One Of The Best Deals This Year!

I watched every video in the help section and I must say that SpeedPPC is leveling the playing field for campaign building.

Game changer for any Marketer

I see how this could be a game changer for any Marketer, and so far I haven't found any other software like it. Looking forward to running ads with this.

Absolutely Amazing!

Honestly and truthfully this has been an amazing product so far. Can't wait to explore and learn more about this software.

The TALL Framework

Follow this strategy to make your campaigns succeed instead of suck.

Find improvements in your targeting through better keyword selection.

Write more targeted ads that get higher CTR & Ad Rank. Giving you more volume!

Drive higher Quality Scores, lower costs and get more conversions.

If you don't make enough money from each customer, your campaign will fail.

Want to learn more about the overall TALL strategy? Find out more.


There is nothing to lose...

Try SpeedPPC and if you don't improve your PPC lead generation profits by more than the subscription cost, we'll refund you.

AI Powered

We leverage the latest AI capabilities to help you become a superhero when it comes to creating successful PPC campaigns.


Like any software, if SpeedPPC doesn't at least pay for itself, you shouldn't be using it. The difference is we actually guarantee it.

So what's this SpeedPPC guarantee all about?

It's pretty simple. Consider it a handshake agreement.

If you genuinely try out the TALL Framework and the SpeedPPC platform and after 60 days, you haven't at least covered the costs of SpeedPPC, we'll refund you 100% of your SpeedPPC subscription.

Let us know within 60 days and we'll trigger the refund and cancel your subscription.

Fast Support

We actually care about your success and we aim to get your the support you need as quickly as possible.

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