So you built a killer PPC campaign (using SpeedPPC of course) and you’ve uploaded to your PPC account and you’ve gone live. You’re seeing great results in terms of clicks and click through rate and quality scores and click cost and ad positions…but then you look at your user engagement metrics and….

Your bounce rate is through the roof. Your conversions are non-existent. People are using your search terms and are finding a perfect match with your ad copy so they are clicking…but they appear to hate “your” landing page.

Problem is, its not your landing page. You had nothing to do with it. It’s your client’s landing page. The one they want you to send traffic to.

Chances are the client is going to push back on making any changes to their lander and try to blame your campaign for sending low quality traffic. However because you used SpeedPPC to build your campaign and because prior to that you did your keyword and competitor research, you know you are sending quality traffic. You know the problem is the landing page and probably the website in general.

Hopefully the client is smart enough to agree to allow for some A/B testing.

This is one scenario left out of the below infographic provided courtesy of VWO which we think otherwise covers the topic of when you should A/B test your landing page pretty well. Please feel free to share any other scenarios you can think of.