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    Building “Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAG)” campaigns manually is torture. Build these uber campaigns in minutes with SpeedPPC.

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"I just launched a 4000 ad group SpeedPPC campaign yesterday.
Quality scores were 8-10 on day one.
My cost per lead was the lowest it's been all year. Thanks!"
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SpeedPPC has helped over 10,000 companies build perfectly targeted ads including:

Why you’ll love SpeedPPC

SpeedPPC is a game changer for performance PPC advertisers.

Save Time

You don’t need a big team or loads of time to dramatically scale up your PPC campaigns. All you need is a little cunning automation from SpeedPPC.

Create more profitable campaigns in less time.

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Improve Quality Score

SpeedPPC helps you automatically give people exactly what they are looking for. The result?

Google rewards you with a great quality score, lower ad costs and higher ad positions. .

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Increase Traffic

Looking to drive more traffic to your site?

SpeedPPC removes the tedious aspects of building fantastically targeted campaigns that drive better quality traffic that turn into buyers.

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Lift Conversion Rates

When you give your visitors exactly what they’re looking for, they end up buying more.

SpeedPPC helps you send each keyword to the right landing page directly. Less work = more dollars.

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Build fist-pumpingly targeted campaigns

Get better CTR, higher Quality Scores and killer conversion rates.

Building high performing PPC takes ship load of time.

Let’s imagine for a second you were selling a dog training product.

In a perfect world you’d create unique ad copy for every keyword so that when people search for “stop my labrador barking” they see an ad that responds to that exactly with a “how to stop your labrador barking” ad.

NOT a generic “how to stop your dog barking” ad.

This would create a PPC campaign that would get better click through, conversion rates, Quality Score and ultimately lower costs.

But let’s face it. Do you really want to manually write these ads for the hundreds of dog breeds in the world?

How about then writing ads that cover not just barking but also digging, jumping, howling, escaping and the myriad of other behaviour problems dogs have.

Holy cow – when you mix all these together and you’ll be spending the next month in AdWords Editor.

Forget about that.

Just fire up SpeedPPC, build the precisely targeted campaign in a few minutes and then take an early mark.

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Unlimited campaigns. Unlimited keywords.

People really love SpeedPPC

If the fan mail is anything to go by, people really love SpeedPPC.

I can create a campaign that would have taken 2 employees weeks to create, in a few hours…
SpeedPPC is like a dream come true

– Michael Sampson

Since using SpeedPPC, our client retention rate has increased due to the time and cost savings, and we have taken on more clients because we can!

– Dave Bird

SpeedPPC has/will save me about $30,000 in labor costs this year alone.

– Steve Hampton

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Effortlessly expand your keywords

Let SpeedPPC’s intelligent keyword research tools expand your campaign potential.

Keywords are the lifeblood of any search campaign.

At any given point of time, pretty much everyone is missing out on good traffic (and profits) by not bidding on all the keywords we should be.

SpeedPPC helps ramp your campaigns with 4 different keyword research tools.

These allow you to go wide (laterally) to find adjacent keywords that are similar to what you’re bidding on and probably should be targeting.

It also allows you to go deep on keywords to explore all the variations within a single keyword theme.

You can even get wild with our brainstorming tools to generate fresh ideas for campaign domination.

Finding those new keyword gold nuggets is simple with SpeedPPC.

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Unlimited campaigns. Unlimited keywords.

Who should be using SpeedPPC?

If you build PPC campaigns, you’ll benefit from using SpeedPPC. Period.


Wow your clients with bumper, targeted, high-converting traffic at rock-bottom prices. It’ll look like you’ve been working all week, when really it only took you 12 minutes.

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Stop building generic, broad PPC campaigns that don’t work. Quickly create ultra-targeted campaigns to connect with the people who are most likely to buy.

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Affiliate Marketers

Get profitable faster, outflank your competition, drive huge traffic to your site, and stop Google hating on you. One you’ve tried it, you won’t do it another way.

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X-Ray glasses for competitor accounts…

Discover your competitors profitable keywords and ad copy with SpeedPPC.

How would you like to peer into your competitors accounts to see what keywords they are bidding on?

Well we can’t do that exactly, but we can do something pretty close.

Our competitor analysis tools monitor 120,000,000+ keywords over 46,000,000+ domains to give you the intelligence you’re looking for.

When you can see a competitor bidding on the same keywords for a long period of time you have to assume that they are work for them.

Our competitor analysis tools will look at what you’re bidding on and compare it to what your competitors are bidding on and then show you the gaps.

The cool thing is you can do this for both their keywords and ads!

It’s a super fast and consistently reliable strategy for profitably growing your campaigns.


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Unlimited campaigns. Unlimited keywords.

Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose. – Thomas Edison

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