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  • Roll out highly targeted, high converting PPC campaigns 72,500% faster on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.

  • Decrease your PPC costs by using very small, tightly focused single theme (and keyword) ad groups.

  • Increase your conversion rates and Quality score to increase profits and decrease click costs.

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8 Reasons Why You Need SpeedPPC In Your Life

Build Campaigns *Much* Faster

You don’t need a big team or loads of time to dramatically scale up your PPC campaigns.

All you need is a little cunning automation from SpeedPPC. Create more profitable campaigns in less time.

See how SpeedPPC speeds up campaign creation. . .

Work Less - Earn More

Get More Traffic at Lower Costs

SpeedPPC builds highly relevant, tightly targeted campaigns that get better click-through rates and higher Quality Scores.

This means you pay less money per click, so you can then buy more traffic for the same budget.

See how SpeedPPC gives you more clicks. . .

Increase Conversion Rates

The stronger the relationship between the original search word and the ad text and the landing page, the higher your conversion rates will be.

SpeedPPC helps you do this easily and fast.

See how SpeedPPC increases conversion rates. . .

PPC Campaign Builder

Improve Click-Through Rates

Obviously, if your ad text is very closely related to your keywords you will increase your click through rates which will also push your costs down.

SpeedPPC makes this a reality by creating very small ad groups with tightly focused keywords and matched ads.

See how SpeedPPC improves Click Through Rates. . .

Drive Up Quality Score

SpeedPPC helps you automatically build ads and landing pages that give people exactly what they were looking for. The result?

Google rewards you with a great quality score, lower ad costs and higher ad positions.

See how SpeedPPC improves Quality Scores. . .

I just launched a 4000 ad group SpeedPPC campaign yesterday.
Quality scores were 8-10 on day one.

My cost per lead was the lowest it’s been all year. Thanks!

Paid Traffic Guy,

PPC Campaign Builder

Target Long-Tail Keywords

Stop taking a shotgun approach to long-tail search terms. Take out your sniper rifle and target your long-tail terms with precision.

With better ad copy that exactly matches every long-tail keyword, you’ll clean up every time.

Expand New Converting Keywords

Keywords are the lifeblood of any search campaign.

At any given point of time, pretty much everyone is missing out on good traffic (and profits) by not bidding on all the keywords we should be.

SpeedPPC helps ramp your campaigns with 7 different keyword and competitor research tools.

See how our keyword research works. . .

PPC Campaign Builder

Competitor Account X-Ray Vision

How would you like to peer into your competitor’s accounts to see what keywords they are bidding on?

Well, we can’t do that exactly, but we can do something pretty close.

Our competitor analysis tools monitor 120,000,000+ keywords over 46,000,000+ domains to give you the intelligence you’re looking for.

See how our competitor analysis works. . .

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